Ultimate Golf Enhancement Program

Take your golf game from good to exceptional. Reggie covers complete body-club-ball alignment, techniques and practice exercises to improve every aspect of your golf game.

6 Months to Ultimate Health & Success

A comprehensive lifestyle program, taking you to your ultimate level of mental and physical health. Make small, easy to implement tweaks in your thought process and routines, so you can see and feel rapid positive results.

4 Weeks to Re-energize You

You will see a dramatic difference in your energy, your health, your skin, your fitness, and your body in just four weeks. If you have felt your health slipping then this program is for you.

Ultimate 14-Day Juice Fast

The Ultimate 14 Day Juice Fast Program will help to jump start your health and energy. You will be guided through 14 days of detailed juicing recipes, what you can expect to experience through the program, and tips on how to make this 14 days a success.

Corporate Coaching

Many More Programs are on the way including:

  • 45 Days To Eliminate Aches and Pains
  • 3 Months To Reverse Diabetes
  • The Ultimate 6 Month Fitness Program
  • Divorce Rescue
  • Ultimate Natural Health Membership