We are THE Multi Award Winning service provider supporting individuals who need and demand the best, in order to maintain high levels of mental and physical performance, long term.

We have been training hotels, clinics, businesses, therapists, coaches, trainers, and specialists for over 20 years to be the best they can be and improve their brand and increase their value.

We are looking for highly professional individuals who are naturally gifted and passionate about supporting and encouraging others to achieve high levels of health, happiness and fulfillment in all multiple areas of their lives.

When we choose a professional to join our team, we provide training and support in enhancing their skills, and their own health and energy levels, so they are physically and emotionally healthy and able to provide these clients with the best services possible.

We also provide full training in servicing the ‘Global Elite’, so each professional has a very clear understanding about what the elite of the world expect and demand when providing services to and for them.


Many times “professionals” want to work with and attract high net with individuals as clients because of the fame and the extremely high fees they pay, but often time quickly loose them and tarnish their reputation due to the lack of clarity and service understanding, as well as personal abilities to maintain these type of clients, especially when dealing with the likes of Hollywood Actors, singers, Top end Corporate Executives, industry leaders, Politicians and Royal Families. We make sure that never happens.



    • We ensure each professional clearly knows and understands the tools needed to enhance all aspects of their business and their personal life. This means ensuring their brand value, service packages and abilities match the clients needs.
    • We provide support and guidance while working with the clients, so our team members are never alone or in a confusing or compromising situation with a client.
    • Each professional will clearly understand and be supported through implementing the strategies and techniques that will enhance their business and individual skills, while being trained in all aspects of their own choices and energy in order to easily achieve the clients, and business that will support the lifestyle they want.


    Happier, healthier professionals

    Happier and better served clients

    More referrals

    Much higher income

    More free time and many more opportunities.



    Throughout his career spanning almost 30 years, Reggie has worked with extraordinary individuals and groups across the globe who are seeking exceptional levels of health, energy and vitality.  He guides and supports them in achieving extreme levels of mental and physical performance as well as teaching the key’s to achieving and enjoying a long, balanced, happy and successful life.

    Reg has had the rare opportunity to live and travel with some of the most powerful and highly successful people on earth, who put their health and their brand value first in their life, and now he has tuned his strategies into the Ultimate Program that can teach you what he has learned.

    ‘Reg, there are many claiming to be healers, there are many wanting to be healers, you are one of the few true healers. Here’s to life and the hands that heal.’

    Pierce Brosnan

    ‘Thank you for travelling with me. Your training program and body work made physically challenging work so much easier… I feel great.’

    Al Pacino

    ‘I believe! I have never experienced such complete relief and immediate results; you are a true healer.’

    Halle Berry

    ‘Reg is the BEST of the best, the difference between good and exceptional!’

    Hugh Jackman

    ‘Retaining Reginald was the best thing I ever did, the cost of his service was earned back 100,000 fold, the consequences of trying to save a buck and not investing in myself is devastating not only to every aspect of my life but also to my family’s life. This is something you have to experience in order to understand it!’

    A well known Corporate CEO, who wishes to remain anonymous


    Our workshops are hosted around the world in very unique and tropical locations. The location for the next training is in Koh Phangan, Thailand:

    Koh Phangan, Thailand

    Their unique beachfront resort sits between the sandy shores of Haad Tien Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand.  They are surrounded by a magical coconut grove, and backed onto the hillside jungle. No roads, traffic or chaotic streets.  Just nature, tranquility and good vibes.

    They are easily accessible by a 5 minute long-tail boat ride from Haad Rin Beach.


    The cost is ….. per person, and we will show you how to earn that back in the first 2 months.

    BUT!!! if you organize 6 others to join the training, We will discount the price to ….. each, and no charge for the host, meaning YOUR training and coaching is for free!

    If you’re tired of the same old training, the same old results, the same struggles, and the same little money…

    Here is your opportunity to change it forever

    Contact is now, fill in the application form and get the training, the business, the clients, the results and lifestyle you deserve.

    We look forward to seeing you soon 



    Thank you for your interest in working with our team. A deposit will be required to secure your position.  You will receive a reply and payment instructions within 3 days of applications.  If for any reason you do not receive a response, please email us directly on 

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