4 Weeks To Re-Energize You – Week 3

Hi and thank you for joining me again this week.

Congratulations!  You have already gone through 2 full weeks of your 4 Weeks To Re-Energize You Program.

Wow, what an amazing week!!

I am so happy and proud of you, amazing results, great stories, fantastic energy out there.

From all the amazing emails and videos I have received filled with your comments, pictures, great recipes and food ideas, exercise results, vision board pictures and detox stories I know you have enjoyed a positive week with your goals clearer, closer and more exciting than ever. 

I love to hear from you, so please do keep all your great ideas coming in. 

There is some serious talent out there. The videos you guys have been sending me are fantastic. I am loving the stories, the journeys, the heart ache and pain turned into success. 

Thank you so much for sharing!


So let’s get right into the start of week 3 plan.


Key 1. Nutrition

Ok, so for the last 2 weeks you have been making wiser food choices, and last week we started to rebalance your lepton levels.

This week we are going to consume an adequate amount of fat.

When I say fat, I meant the healthy kind of fat such as nuts and seeds, nut butters, olive oil, organic meats and eggs, virgin coconut oil, and avocados.  Depleting yourself of the healthy fat can negatively affect your hormone levels that will only result to more cravings.

In addition, you want to limit the unhealthy fat (saturated fat) such as butter, margarine, and the fat around your steak.  Avoid hydrogenated fat at all costs as they cause more harm than good.

This week you will also cut out all regular breads, wheat and dairy. If you must have some, cut it down to once per week but I suggest to cut it out all together.

Replace your breads and pasta with Hemp, Spelt or Kamut.

  • Replace your dairy milk with Hemp,  Spelt, Kamut, Hemp, Oat, Hazelnut, Almond milk

You can also make nice treats from this stuff, fresh fruit shakes, ice cream, yogurts… 

Just use your imagination and when you create something nice send it in and share it with the community.


Key 2. Your Environment

Well, how did you enjoy your aromatherapy experience to put some romance and fresh smells into the air of your home?

This week we are going to go green… with cosmetics and creams.

Green Tips To Keep Your Cosmetics Chemical Free

Cosmetic products have always been a concern to the ecologists and experts in green products. This is an issue, because often the cosmetic products labeled as green ones are actually dangerous for our health and environment.

Here are some chemicals, which you need to avoid, in case you are going for green cosmetic lines. One of those chemicals is the so called” antibacterial”.

They are based on different chemicals, but the triclosan often used for antibacterial soaps is actually dangerous, for it is affecting the testosterone activity in the cells. Try regular good old fashion soap instead and trust it is the good old way to kill the germs.

In case you found out that in your product, there is a chemical called DEA, simply avoid using it. DEA is also known as hormone disruptor and can cause a lot of issues for your health.

Perfumes also hide a risk. The simple label “fragrance” actually hides an ingredient called phthalates. (THA-layts ) This chemical leads to obesity and affects the reproductive system.

The phthalates is often a basic ingredient for most essential-oil fragrances, so change your perfume or seek an organic perfume line. Formaldehyde is also a bad chemical to consider. It is actually toxic and can cause problems to your immune system.

So this week, be aware of the products you use, educate yourself, yes it takes a bit of time, but your health, your family and your life is worth it, right!?

Here is a mixture I use to keep my skin silky soft; Pure aloe-vera gel, Pure Vitamin E oil and a touch of lavender and rose oil… Try it after a shower or bath and also right after coming in from a long day in the sun.

Put this mixture on your face, and any scars you may have, every night and just watch the effects after a couple of days.


Key 3. Detox

How did you enjoy your Liver flush last week?

Ok, you can stop your liver flush today.

Again this week, continue with the green drink. If you wish, you can continue to make smaller portion of it and have it with both your breakfast and lunch meals. Do not replace your meal with this but have it with it.

This week we are going to continue to do the green drink only, for 2 days. 

You will cut out all solid foods for 2 full days this week and replace each meal with the green drink. You can choose if you want to do it 2 days in a row or spread it out over the week. All you will drink is just the green drink recipe. You can get adventurous with it, change it around a bit, add some other fruits or veggies into it and have fun with it and send me your new creations. 

So for 2 days this week you will eat no solid food at all, you will drink your 3 – 5 liters of water and have 3 – 1.5 liter bottles of your green creation. 

No moaning and complaining, no negative thoughts allowed, just do it! 

And let me know all about it, I want videos, pictures, details about your experience, how you felt and what you did.


Key 4. Exercise

Well, how did you do last week?

I am really impressed with some of the great stories, videos and results some of you have already experienced in only 2 weeks, Fantastic!! Keep it up and please keep sending me your questions and feedback. 

For a couple of you who are still finding it hard to value yourself high enough, come on. This is the start of week 3 now, enough with the excuses. You have had a lifetime of reasons and poor results, it is your time to make a stand and make the change. No more excuses. No more wasted time.

Are you worth it? 

Are you willing to put yourself first and take the advantage you have right now to change your life…? 

Come on, show me what you can do and show yourself that you can do it. 

Remember, we are not here to make excuses, we are here to make changes. I want you to get up, get out and get going. One little step at a time, No excuses. The first step is the hardest, then just keep moving. I know you can do it.

Check out the exercise link for the team you are on to see what this week’s challenge is. And please do continue to send me in your comments about last week, what your challenges were, what you did to overcome them and what your experience was.

Remember, as a website member, you have access to information and videos to step you through exercises that match your abilities and goals. Check it out and feel free to contact me, or click onto our discussion boards and members blogs, to discuss your thoughts, questions or concerns. We have a number of members who have already made great friends and partners and are helping each other to reach great goals and having fantastic results, one step at a time.


Key 5. Mentoring and Coaching

As I already mentioned, the feedback on this was fantastic, I am so proud of you guys.

I am really excited to hear about your vision boards and your goals and how clear you guys are getting. I have spoken to a number of you and the way you described your goals and visions was absolutely amazing! I could totally see myself in your vision. Keep it up, keep the focus. Get even more clear.

This week I want you to now write down the steps you think you will need to take in order to get one step closer to each of your goals? Write down people you may need to meet, something you may need to create, somewhere you may have to go… whatever it is that will bring you one step closer to achieving each of your goals.

Keep going with your journaling before bed. Make sure you are writing down action plans along with your daily tasks. You need to be very clear about what your duties are for each day and at least 3 things you are going to do during the week to move 1 step closer to your big goal.


Key 6. Healing

This is a fun area for me. How did you do with positive thought process?

Please join into the community on the web site and tell me how that was, was it harder then you thought or easier?

What tricks did you use when you heard or started to feel negative?

I want to hear all about your experience with this task…

OK, there is one product I want you to buy today;

 This week I want you to buy some Pure MSM powder and mix it in with your Vitamin C and lemon tea or drink, take 1 teaspoon of each mixed in water and ½ fresh lemon right before each meal.

I have put a link on the web site of where you can purchase the MSM powder online. Do yourself a favor, do a Google search on the benefits of MSM.

MSM  (500g MSM Powder)  http://www.aggressivehealthshop.com

Check out my web site, keep up to date with the steps I will lay out for you and keep on keeping on! You are already way ahead of the general population and well on your way to achieving greatness in all aspects of your life!

Thank you for your time! And I look forward to speaking with you on the web site and hearing all about your progress.

I’ll see you back here next week.