4 Weeks To Re-Energize You

Hi, I’m Reggie Lenney, 

Thank you for joining me in this 4 Weeks To Re-Energize You Program.

I am going to show you how you can increase the value of your Personal Brand by teaching you how to look and feel better, increase your energy and vitality, enhance your brain power, improve your memory, control your stress levels, improve your health, control your weight, eliminate skin disorders such as rash’s, acne, eczema, or psoriasis and minimize your risk of, or help you to take control and reverse heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and other medical conditions.

Is this all possible, you may ask… Yes, absolutely! I have over 28 years worth of testimonials and happy clients that have done all of these things and more by following my programs. All I ask from you is just do it for yourself to see and feel the results. I can guarantee you that if you follow along, you will experience great change and improvement in all areas of your life. This is only a 4 week program but if you commit to all of the key steps, this 4 weeks will give you a giant leap into a whole new dimension of health and vitality. It is very important for you to get the most out of this course, that you go through all of the steps.

When people first hear about me and what I have done with my clients they always ask, so…

What is this?

The 4 Weeks To Re-Energize You Program is a set of simple guidelines to achieve and maintain the ideal lifestyle where you can enjoy the life you wish to have without having to “deal with” the ailments the general population seems to feel is “normal”. 

I don’t like to believe that aches, pains, disease, irritations, low energy, low results, not living the life you want, having the relationships you want or earning the money you want is or should be Normal!

The 4 Weeks To Re-Energize You Program is largely based on common sense principles designed to allow our bodies to function at as high a level of health, energy and vibration as possible, so as to enjoy a highly productive and successful life, long into our golden years. This program is also designed to help you to increase your Brand Value so as to achieve the success you want in your life now.

Health is Wealth!

     What do I mean by that? 

Every aspect of our life affects our overall health and wellbeing, and our health and wellbeing effects every aspect of our life.

     Let me ask you, do you feel your health and fitness level is a TOP priority in your life?

     Do you believe it should be?

     Do you believe taking time for your health is something you do when you’re feeling great or something you deal with when things are so bad you just have to put everything else on hold and deal with it now?

It seems to be the norm with a lot of people that anything to do with health is dealt with when it is so bad people have no other choice but to deal with it right then… when its almost, or is, an emergency or the pain or ailment is so bad you just have to take time off.

Would you agree that most people don’t really think about their health on a daily bases, they just wake up every morning, if they are feeling ok, or “not bad”, then they just get on with their life with no real thought or concern of their bodies or their health?

     Is that the way you deal with your health?

     Have you ever thought that the way you look, feel and act could be your personal brand?

     Do you think that your level of health and fitness determines how much money you make?

Do you think how you look to others, how you feel, act or react to stress… 

  • how you live your life,
  • how efficiently you work,
  • how you represent yourself or your business directly effects how successful you are in life, in business, in relationships…?

Your brand is not who you say you are. You are not what you think you are or how you explain to others who you are. 

Your brand is what other people say about you! 

You are not what your business card says, you are how others remember you… and you do the same and think of others the same way.

You are how others remember you, so your brand lives in other people’s minds.

I remember when I was very young and my mother took me into see a specialist. 

I will never forget walking into this guy’s office. 

There in this big leather chair sat a man who was probably the largest man I had ever seen. 

This guy was massive. 

Now, I don’t remember what he said, I don’t remember what he told me to do, all I remember thinking was “how is this guy is going to tell me how to be healthy…?” 

“How can a guy that looks like that know anything about health?”

To this day, I can picture this big guy sitting in his big brown leather chair, and to me, he will always be that big fat guy…

Have you ever judged anyone by the way they look or by the way they talk with you, their energy levels, the way their eyes or skin looked or how they held themselves?

When you are trying to remember someone’s name that you met at a business meeting, at a party or at a networking event, how do you describe them?

Well, that’s is their personal brand…

Your Brand is the exclamation mark of the person who resides inside of you!


     What is your brand?

     How do people think about and remember you?

What do you think of when you see Richard Branson?

Besides his business name, what do you think of when you think about him as an Individual, about his life, his health, his activities… his choices?

     Does he come across as a guy who you would like to meet?

     A guy who you would like to do business with?

     A guy who you would like to be friends with?

     A guy who lives outside of his comfort zone and does what it takes to live life to the full and to be   successful?


Because he is rich or because he lives a lifestyle, and has created a brand that oozes success, confidence, energy, vitality and power? Richard Branson seems like a guy that can get things done!

How would you compare him to someone who is overweight, maybe walks very slow or slouches in his chair at work? Maybe his clothes don’t fit very well and haven’t been ironed, maybe his hair may not be brushed or he arrives late all the time and is very disorganized. Maybe this guy loses his temper easily or seems very stressed out all the time. 

Would it matter to you what his title is, what he tells you about himself or what is printed on his business card? Would you think twice about giving this guy a loan, a promotion, a job or possibly going into business with him? How about setting him up with your best friend for a date?

     How do you think others are judging you?

     Do you now understand that the way you look and act, your health, your brand can affect how much money you make and how you live your life?

Your health, your energy and your brand does effect who wants to spend time with you, who wants to do business with you, how much money you could charge in your business, how well you will climb the corporate ladder or even who wants to date you or be your friend?

Your health is far more than just how you feel or how long you’re going to live. Your health is more than just feeling ok today and not even considering what kind of body you will be living in, in the far off future. 

Your health is how well you succeed in life, how much money you make, the kind of friends and relationships you have and in what kind of body you’re going to try to do it in right now, today, tomorrow and next year.  

Your health is how you do your job, how you play, how you enjoy your life, how you spend time with your loved ones, how people judge you. 

Your health is everything!

The U. H. P. (Ultimate Health Program) is a set of easy, common sense rules, which guides a person in ways of thinking, living, eating, exercising, resting playing and generally living.

It is about achieving the best of you, allowing you to express your strengths in all aspects of your life. Doing things that you enjoy, when you want to do it, for as long as you want to do it, with whom you want to do it with and setting your own standards of success in your life.

We are bringing awareness back into the life we “choose” to live and understanding the effect our environment and the food we eat has on our mind, our bodies, our lives and those around us.

This is not your latest miracle diet. This is not something you can do for a week or a month and get back to ‘normal’ life. It is something that will redefine the word ‘normal’ for you. The 4 Weeks To Re-Energize You Programis just the beginning of the rest of your life and you will feel dramatically different in just 4 weeks, but don’t stop there. This will be a mindset and a lifestyle change that you will love.

This program will teach you to live life to the fullest – eat real food, use natural body movements to keep you fit and help you really understand what ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ actually mean.

It is time to leave your negative attitude, feelings and thoughts behind! 

Understand that what you are doing is for your benefit, though it can be challenging in the beginning, It takes patience and dedication, and being positive about these changes will be the difference between success and failure.

Find a partner that will do this with you. Hopefully it is your significant other, which will make everything a lot easier when everyone in the household has the same goal of being the best they can be and feeling great!

Here is a suggestion to make things even easier for you at the start: Don’t tell anyone your doing this, except for the people you live with! People love to bring you down and knock you off track. It just seems to be human nature. Keep this whole thing to yourself. After you have done it for a couple of months, and you are looking fabulous and all your friends and co-workers are telling you how great you look and asking what you have been doing, that’s when you tell them. 

Until then, just keep it quiet. When you go into a restaurant with your friend, don’t make a big deal out of anything and announce to everyone within hearing range that you are on a special eating program and you can’t eat half the stuff on the menu. All that does is creates negative conversation, questions, and confusion and brings you and your energy down. Instead just focus on the goal and the positive, find the great foods on the menu you can have or just ask the waiter to tell the chef to make you what you want. Most places will do that without a second thought. If they don’t, check to make sure you are not in a fast food place, if you are then it’s time to turn and walk out. 

To start, I‘m going to ask you to be very open minded and acceptable to new ideas and concepts during this program.

The unreliable “Conventional Wisdom” that confuses, misleads, manipulates, and complicates even the most devoted efforts to live the right way in order to achieve your goals and live a happy life is just NOT WORKING!

Throughout the Ultimate Natural Health System you will learn how to avoid all the noise out there, stop “dealing with” ailments and disease, stop jumping from one diet to another, one fitness program to another, one specialist to another and from one failure, disappointment and expensive lesson to another and focus on achieving your goals.

My job is to help you move beyond the barriers and habits that are holding you back and keeping you below where you want to be.

On your own you have been holding back, but with me, together we will make sure you achieve your goals.

I have organized 6 key areas for you to make things easy and to give you a step by step system to follow. All you need to do is click on the new video of the week and take notes of what the goal for that week is in each key area. I will try to make it as easy for you as possible.

Key 1. Nutrition

The first thing you need to do is commit to this decision you have just made, realize this is not just another thing you will “try” to do but is what you “are” going to do in order to achieve the goals you want to achieve! 

Accept that change will be tough, but find comfort that the results will give you enough motivation to continue.

Get rid of the excuses and Just to it!

Also, please remember, you are not perfect nor do I expect you to be. I give you permission to “slip up”. To make lasting change you need to also allow yourself time to change, it’s not expected to happen in one day. What I want you to do is pretend I am your tomtom or navigational devise. When you slip up, I will not freak out at you. We will just say ok, you missed the turn there, let’s just take the next one. Leave the past behind, forget the misses and focus on the goal. Let’s just keep moving forward. If you do that, you will win and achieve your goal.

What we take in and the way we take it in changes everything and effects everything!

Whether your wanting to:

  • have a clear strong and efficient mind
  • you want to bulk up with muscle
  • lose weight or body fat
  • gain more energy and stamina
  • or you are dealing with allergies, skin irritations, memory troubles, mood swings
  • or a chronic ailment or disease…

it is all related to your nutritional intake.

Key 2. Your Environment

Your environment can make you stressed out, sick and fat!

Everything around you affects your mental and physical health and how you feel, act, work and sleep.

Your environment affects your stress levels, your concentration, your efficiency and your moods.

Your environment effects weather your body is healthy or not. 

Do you have food allergies, skin irritations, buzzing in the ears, do you see spots when you close your eyes? Do you have spots on your skin, blotchiness, bloating, gas, indigestion? Do you get headaches, body aches chronic fatigue or tiredness? Are you irritable but don’t know why? Do you have a hard time concentrating?

Watch how a lot of those things just disappear through following a few easy tips and tricks throughout this program.

Key 3. Detox

What is it and why is it important?

Do you suffer from skin irritations, allergies, buzzing in the ears, headaches, mood swings, poor concentration, sleeping troubles, body aches…?

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your overall health and fitness is detox your body. Ideally you should detox, or cleanse your body 2-4 times a year. Detoxing is particularly important in the modern world, since environmental pollutants, toxins and other elements can quickly build up to toxic levels in your body and cause ill health and a variety of mental and physical consequences. These serious consequences include such things as weakened immune system to fatigue to feelings of depression.  

Key 4. Exercise

Exercise will change you AND it will change the way people view you. It will increase your Brand Value!!! You will become more valuable to yourself and to everyone around you. People will look at you differently, treat you differently and value you differently.

Most of us know by now that we should be exercising on a regular basis. We know that exercising can be good for the heart and make you look and feel better, but do you really know why exercise is so important to the rest of your life and to your Brand value?

     Do you really know how to exercise properly without injuring our body or overdoing it?

     Do you know how to exercise efficiently so you can get amazing results in 15 – 20 minutes, without even stepping foot in a gym?

     How often should we exercise?

     When is the best time to exercise?

I will show you the proven techniques, used with the “Hollywood Elite” to achieve the body you want and save you time and money.

Key 5.  Mentoring and Coaching

Your inner world affects your outer world!

When we are held accountable, guided, directed and supported we become free of depression, anxiety, excessive stress and worry, addictions, and other psychological problems. We are more able to live our lives to the fullest and become the best of who we are.

Every year, millions of people set goals for themselves.

And every year, millions of people fail to reach those goals.


Because people simply don’t do what they say they are going to do. They know what needs to be done, but they don’t make the commitment and take consistent action to reach their goals. That lack of accountability is a habit and it will be a constant road block to success, unless it is eradicated and replaced by new habits of action and follow-through.

Key 6. Healing

Healing from the inside out…

Can you really heal yourself from ailments and disease, without using prescription drugs, vaccines, chemotherapy or surgery?

In one word: Absolutely!

Am I against doctors, pharmaceuticals, man made drugs, science or traditional hospitals and treatments… ??

No, I am not!

I believe there is a lot of very good health service and care available and modern science has made incredible changes to the benefit of our lives.

We are in full control of our health and when we make wise choices and do all we can to take control of our health, we can avoid many of the diseases and ailments in the world today.

I am going to give you a couple little tips and tricks each week for you to implement into your life. These little things, when done together with the rest of this program will result in big improvements. All you need to do is watch the video’s and follow my lead…

So that is it for now, thank you for joining me in this introduction video. The next video will get into your first little steps to big change.

I’ll see you there!