Meet Reg Lenney,

“The Health Concierge”, Multi-Award-Winning Vital Coach, Lifestyle Consultant, Speaker & Author.

Reg supports some of most powerful world leaders, from Royal families to corporate executives and Hollywood’s elite while they prepare for roles in business, in movies, TV shows, and in the boardroom while also maintaining a balance in their ‘real’ life. He works with some of the world’s most gifted singers to enhance their range and control, while teaching them the tips and tricks to “living on the road” and being able to manage the “demands of the job”.

Reg suite and shorts“For those who want the highest level of mental and physical performance, without burnout.”

Learn how to naturally enjoy;

  • High levels of Natural Energy
  • Enhanced performance; “From Great to Extraordinary!”
  • Your Perfect Weight
  • Ultimate Health (free from chronic ailments, pains and disease)
  • A Fast and Powerful Mind
  • Active Aging; The ability to dance, travel, make love, enjoy life long beyond your golden years! Our oldest client is 104 years old and still fully active, living on their own and self sufficient.
  • A Great Business Life
  • An Amazing Family Life
  • Time! (Time to do what you want to do or just be quiet all on your own)

“By making subtle key changes to your routine, we can make massive improvements to your life, health and performance levels”

Reg Lenney is The professional of choice for the world’s elite leaders and professionals.

Throughout his career spanning almost 30 years, Reggie has worked with extraordinary individuals and groups across the globe who are seeking exceptional levels of health, energy and vitality.  He guides and supports them in achieving extreme levels of mental and physical performance as well as teaching the key’s to achieving and enjoying a long, balanced, happy and successful life.

Reg has had the rare opportunity to live and travel with some of the most powerful and highly successful people on earth, who put their health and their brand value first in their life, and now he has tuned his strategies into the Ultimate Program that can teach you what he has learned.

“Reggie is not a therapist you call to come in for an hour every couple of week’s, or a trainer to run you throughanother fitness program, he takes an overall look at everything about you; your environment, relationships, products you use and foods you fuel your body with, how your mind works and it’s communication with your body. Everything about you, your life and your body hold the key to your success and your future. Reggie makes the subtle tweaks and adjustments that make the difference between great and extraordinary.”


Reg’s Strategies make all the difference, he has designed his 10 keys to Ultimate Success, AND he has put together the most amazing and talented team of specialist available in the world today.

Reg is The Mentor and Coach that looks at everything from the bed you sleep on to the products you use in your home, your air and water quality and the foods you fuel your body with. He looks at your structural alignment and your energy flow to ensure your brain is communicating with your body, and ensuring your organs are aligned and functioning the way they should. He makes sure your eye site, your memory, your concentration is functioning at it’s best and he makes sure you have the balance in your life so you not only maintain your “Master of the Universe” status with the world but you maintain your “Super Hero” status in the eyes of your children’s and your partner.

Reg looks at your past and find out why you are the way you are, what drives you, what scares you and what holds you back from being even better.

“He will ensure you live the life you want, and need to, in order to keep what you have and enjoy the time, health and energy to do what you want, now and into the future.”

Reg work’s with people who know they must be the best they can be in order to hold onto what they have, continue to grow and move forward and to live long after their career is done, enjoying their life to the full.

Due to there being only so many hours in the day, Reg only works with a limited number of individuals and only invites a fortunate few into the Elite Inner Circle & Elite Retreat Group. Those who are invited in gather not only to improve themselves but to connect with other “Masters of the Universe” that are usually impossible to meet. These people join Reg’s elite group because of the power it holds, the power they as a team generate and the power they are able to tap into any time, any place, whenever they need it, world wide.

“This is far more then a way of life – it tells the story of your personality and drive to achieve the best and live your life to the full, long into your Golden Years, and beyond!”

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