“For those who are ready to step away from the norm, take the leap into something new, to live an extraordinary life that you love, in a body you love to live in.
The time is NOW and your opportunity is HERE.”

Are you ready to experience the exact same therapies used on celebrities, world leaders and even Royal Families?

Are you tired of the same old retreats, events, therapies and results?

Are you yearning for an immersive experience fully focused on YOU and your healing?

Are you ready to learn the simple little tweaks and adjustments that will make massive improvements in your mind, body and lifestyle?

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Looking for a private and secure location to host your event, take your group, pamper your friends and family, or get away from it all…

We welcome you to stay in our space, where we can provide everything from:

Transportation, Personalised Services, Customised spa treatments, Massage & Therapy, Fitness training & Nutrition.



Throughout his career spanning almost 33 years, Reggie has worked with extraordinary individuals and groups across the globe who are seeking exceptional levels of health, energy and vitality.  He guides and supports them in achieving extreme levels of mental and physical performance as well as teaching the key’s to achieving and enjoying a long, balanced, happy and successful life.

Reg has had the rare opportunity to live and travel with some of the most powerful and highly successful people on earth, who put their health and their brand value first in their life, and now he has tuned his strategies into the Ultimate Program that can teach you what he has learned.

‘Reg, there are many claiming to be healers, there are many wanting to be healers, you are one of the few true healers. Here’s to life and the hands that heal.’

Pierce Brosnan

‘Thank you for travelling with me. Your training program and body work made physically challenging work so much easier… I feel great.’

Al Pacino

‘I believe! I have never experienced such complete relief and immediate results; you are a true healer.’

Halle Berry

‘Reg is the BEST of the best, the difference between good and exceptional!’

Hugh Jackman

‘Retaining Reginald was the best thing I ever did, the cost of his service was earned back 100,000 fold, the consequences of trying to save a buck and not investing in myself is devastating not only to every aspect of my life but also to my family’s life. This is something you have to experience in order to understand it!’

A well known Corporate CEO, who wishes to remain anonymous


  • Reconnect with yourself; discover the real YOU, and your natural abilitiy to heal.
  • Learn how to use your stress to empower you.
  • Be aware of internal and external environments that affect your immune system
  • Learn how to easily fuel your body rather then fill it.
  • Detoxify and flush out harmful toxins stuck in your body, naturally.
  • Move the body and keep your immune system powerful, so you feel and look years younger, naturally.
  • Learn to easily implement subtle strategies to become the best version of you.
  • Be aware of the choices you are making every moment, and how they affect you.



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