Burn Body Fat & Feed Your Muscle

If you’ve ever walked into a supplement store and asked for information about “fat-burning” or muscle-building supplements…

If you’ve ever read any one of the many popular bodybuilding or fitness magazines…

If you’ve ever bought the latest best-selling diet book…

If you’ve ever watched late night TV and listened to a diet or fitness guru preach about an amazing new diet, exercise machine or pill…

If you’ve ever surfed the web for information about diet, nutrition or training…

If you’ve ever done ANY of these things, then the odds are extremely high that you’ve been told many fat loss lies!

Honest information about nutrition and fat loss is harder to come by than ever before, and nearly everyone has been misled at one time or another.

Millions of people are wasting literally thousands of dollars on workout programs that do not “work out” and “fat-burning” supplements that didn’t burn anything but a hole in their wallets.

To successfully navigate through today’s jungle of misleading and conflicting information, you have to become a very savvy and discriminating consumer. And when you finish reading these 12 lessons, that is exactly what you will be.

There are three reasons why it’s so hard to find truthful information today:

1) BIG Business

According to the International Journal Of Obesity, weight loss is currently a $150 billion dollar industry in the United States and Europe combined. With so much at stake, unscrupulous marketers will tell you just about anything – even outright lies – to get you to buy their products.

Before and after photos are staged or doctored…

Research results are misreported or exaggerated…

Unrealistic expectations and promises are made…

Results are promised without effort or hard work…

Pills are presented as magic bullets…

And that’s just the very beginning.

2) Total Information Overload.

Since the electronic age has arrived, lack of information is not a problem anymore. The problem these days is too much information.

Fitness and diet “guru’s” preach about their “latest breakthroughs” on TV infomercials 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hundreds, even thousands of diet and exercise books fill bookstore shelves. Dozens of magazines clutter the newsstands every month.

To top it all off, the explosion of the Internet is adding to this “info-jungle” at an exponential rate. There are 270,000,000 web pages indexed on Google under “fitness” and 87,400,000 under “weight loss.”

Where do you even begin? Unfortunately, more often than not, many people don’t… because information overload leads to “paralysis by analysis.”

3) Conflicting Advice.

Only one thing is worse than the QUANTITY of information available today on diet and fitness. That is, even industry professionals such as registered dietitians, research scientists, MD’s, PhD’s, and certified trainers give completely contradictory advice.

There are a lot of opinions out there and everyone seems to tell us something different.

For example: check out these book quotes and newspaper headlines:

“Pasta isn’t fattening if you use your noodle.”
“So it may be true after all: Eating pasta makes you fat.”

“Contrary to what most people think, carbs are not fattening.” – Jane Brody’s Nutrition Book
“Diets high in carbohydrates are precisely what most overweight people don’t need and can’t become slim on.” – Dr. Robert Atkins New Diet Revolution

“High carbohydrate, low fat diets may be dangerous to your health.” – Dr. Barry Sears, The Zone
“Carbohydrates, not protein, are the key to achieving peak performance and weight loss.” – Robert, Haas, Eat To Win

“Your body easily converts fat calories into body fat.” – Dean Ornish “Eat More, Weigh Less
“Eating fat does not make you fat, you must eat fat to lose fat.” – Dr. Barry Sears, The Zone

Not even the experts can agree with one another!

The Solution?

How do you bypass the marketing lies of the big weight loss corporations… How do you cut through the information jungle… How do you sort through the conflicting opinions? You’ve already found the solution – and you’re reading it!

This is the whole reason why I created The Holistic Coach Program… To educate my clients, expose the cover ups, dispel the myths, uncover the scams and reveal the truth about fat loss.

Instead of teaching you about fat loss lies, myths and deceptions, I could have easily dived right into the how-to and mechanics of eating and training for fat loss.

However, because of the amount of misinformation in the health and fitness industry today, my job as a health and fitness educator has become very difficult. Before I can effectively begin to teach you the truth about getting healthier, leaner and more muscular, I first have to UN-TEACH all the rumors, myths and lies…

Once you’ve been through this program, you’ll be one of the savviest and most educated consumers on the planet. You will instantly know how to spot a scam and you’ll know without hesitation if a “fat burning” program or product has the potential to work or not.

Best of all, since the false information will finally be out of your head, that puts you in the perfect position to absorb and apply good health information when you receive it, and you’ll be on your way to the best body of your life!