CEO and Executive Coaching Program


Reggie-with-Sir-Richard-Branson-1024x682“Retaining Reginald was the best thing I ever did, the cost of his service was earned back 100,000 fold, the consequences of trying to save a buck and not investing in myself is devastating not only to every aspect of my life but also to my family’s life.”




This program is specifically designed for those who know the importance of maintaining a very high level of mental and physical performance and power. It is our passion to help you win in highly competitive situations.

Highly successful individuals realize that being a highly skilled and trained professional is only part of the job. If you want to keep what you have worked so hard to achieve, stay a step ahead of the competition and enjoy the fruits of all your hard work, it is vital you maintain an extra ordinary level of mental and physical health. This is NOT possible if you do not make the time every day to efficiently and effectively care for your body and mind. We will train you, encourage you and support you to do what you need to do for the lifestyle you live.

From working with the World Top performers for almost 3 decades, we know that keeping you in the best peak performance possible means the difference between winning and loosing. Winning a game, that trade, a case or a sale often depends on the sheer mental performance that key players can bring to bear at decisive moments. The winning margin can be as narrow as that between athletes in top sporting events, as low as .01%.

“Our team works one to one with you to design the ultimate package for your specific needs and wants. Whether you work in an office, on the field, on stage or around the world, we will take care of you and show you the key strategies to consistently being the best you can be.”

Recognizing the critical roles physical health and mental acuity play in your ability to succeed in all you do, retaining a competent and trusted adviser to work with you to develop an efficient and effective lifestyle program is the next logical step to living optimally and maintaining your success. Learn how to wisely invest in yourself to protect what you have achieved for yourself and your progeny.

With this CEO and Executive Coaching Program you will receive: 

  • A customized plan specific to your personal and business goals and needs
  • Weekly coaching calls to maintain your success and support you through
  • Complete health and life assessment
  • One Year Free of the Royal Membership Package which includes:
    • Weekly Online live with Reg Q & A
    • 1 time per month 20 minutes ea.
    • Personalized Nutrition guidance
    • Personalized Fitness guidance
    • Personalized Detox guidance
    • Healthy Home Guide
    • 1 – 2 – 1 Skype Coaching/Mentoring sessions two times per month twenty minutes per session.
    • Email communication and 5 min video’s to providing tips and Encouragement specifically for your needs.
    • Option to have 1 full day of Personalized Coaching in your home or office*.
    • Monthly Mentoring and Coaching video’s
    • Web site membership with weekly updates
    • Invite to join in with us at special Members only events and retreats around the world.
    • Money saving advice for products and services that will save you $1,000’s (A Value of $1,327.00)
    • One Year Free of the Ultimate Natural Health Membership (A Value of $684.00)

There is a $3,000 Set Up Fee and $1,000 per month for a minimum of 12 months.

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