Detoxification Cleansing

Detoxification, colon cleansing benefits liver, immune system, health problems, disease, infection symptoms. Natural detoxification relieves constipation, backache, bad breath, bloating, fatigue, headaches, indigestion, sinus congestion, skin problems, nail fungus, yeast infection and many other health symptoms.

Detoxification therapy applications should only be preformed by trained professionals. Do not attempt to do any type of Detox Therapy without supervision.

There are many signals, signs, common medical health symptoms indicate the time to detoxify. Even if you think you are feeling good, you may be experiencing at least one or several of the following symptoms that shows the need for natural detoxification therapy’s. Some of these symptoms can appear for short times like: allergies, backaches, bad breath, bad digestion, bloating, blurred vision, coated tongue, constipation, depression, diarrhea, early aging, excessive colds flu, excessive gas, excessive mucus, fatigue, fever, food reactions, headaches, intestinal dysfunction, irritability, joint pain, loss of appetite, low immunity, memory loss, menstrual problems, muscular pains, nausea, obnoxious odor, over acidity, periodontal conditions, sinus infections, skin rashes, stomach pain and yeast infections.

Our immune system is the key to fighting the risks we subject our bodies to. It fights the microorganisms that cause degenerative problems and promotes the healing process. We subject ourselves to all kinds of disease when our immune system is weak. If you studied the various ailments and their causes, you can see where most are lacking or deficient in nutrients. This can be caused from the diet or bad absorption in the intestinal tract. The bodies immune system needs the essential nutrients to function and stay healthy.

Health Problems, Symptoms Colon Dysfunction

Appendicitis, appetite loss, asthma, backaches, bad breath, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, colitis, concentration loss, congestion, digestive disorders, distended abdomen, food craving, foul gas, gastritis, hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, hyper activity, immune dysfunction, impotence, indigestion, insomnia, irritability, learning  difficulties, nail fungus, nervousness, pancreas inflammation, parasite infections, prostate problems, respiratory ailments, short attention span, skin problems, stomach swelling, tension, toxic feeling, urinary disorders, vaginitis, weight problems and yeast infection.

Our bodies deterioration occurs slowly, step-by-step, over long periods of time. We do not even notice what is going on or if problems exists till it happens. When the alarm sounds and it’s ignored, serious problems may soon follow because of intestinal dysfunction.

Losing our ability to properly detoxify results in disease. We cannot heal our self without cleaning the intestinal tract and eliminative systems first. Colon cleansing with any good natural detoxification therapy should be the first step in any health program.

When the larger intestine is partially clear you should also concentrate on cleaning the smaller intestine because it is equally important. This helps the self detoxification system to function.

Self irrigation helps to re-establish regular bowel movements by restoring muscle tone and normal peristalsis (muscular contractions). Peristalsis also stimulates the liver to produce more bile, which aids in the absorption of lipids and fat soluble vitamins. The absorption of nutrients is greater when the large intestine is thoroughly cleaned. This helps you heal and rejuvenate faster.

Other benefits of colon cleansing and detoxification therapy: Relieve and clears blockage. Induce proper blood clotting and cleans the blood. Helps prevent the production of gallstones. Cleansing assists in the breakdown of cholesterol. It cleans out yeast infection and parasites, and stops infection and inflammation. It also helps control blood pressure, restores pH balance, restores proper digestion and reduces bad odors. Some symptoms relieved by colon cleansing are coated tongue, constipation, backache, bad breath, bloating, fatigue, bad gas, headaches, indigestion, loss of concentration, lung congestion, sinus congestion, skin problems, nail fungus and symptoms of yeast infection.

Liver is the most important organ and part of the biliary system. The liver performs over 500 functions. Along with filtering out toxins and producing bile for digestion, it is the chemical factory, which regulate the levels of good and bad chemicals. The biliary system consists of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and duodenum. The path way for bile travels through the hepatic duct where it connects to the common bile duct and the cystic duct. The bile travels up the cystic duct to the gall bladder where it is stored. When bile is needed it travels into the common bile duct and through the ampulla where it enters the duodenum.

The Biliary System

Liver produces bile in the polygonal cells from cholesterol (bilirubin and biliverdin) and bile salts (acids) that are linked from the amino acids glycine, glycocholic, taurine and taurocholic acid.

The gall bladder stores up to two ounces of bile and releases it back into the common duct to digest fats or food particles as they leave the stomach and travel down the duodenum.

Our duodenum starts at the outlet of the stomach or the upper part of the smaller intestine. As food travels from the stomach into the duodenum, the bile is released to emulsify the fats that turns them into the milky solution and returns the solution back via the blood.

Pancreas produces lipase, an enzyme that helps breakdown fats. It also produces the hormone that stimulates contraction of the gall bladder and causes the ampulla to open so the bile can flow into the duodenum.

Biliary system is the main part of your self colon cleansing natural detoxification system. When this system is working properly the function of all other organs will do their job more efficiently. When this system self cleans the accumulated waste and poisons that has absorbed from the blood, supposed to render them into other harmless compounds for elimination. If the passage way is not clear, the waste and poisons will accumulate and affects all other organs.

Cleaning will stimulate the release of bile, as do some herbs. Using therapies with these techniques not only stimulates the release of hepatic bile but promotes healing at the same time. Flushing out the accumulation of debris in the liver allows it to absorb more and continue its job.

Condition will determine if you need natural detoxification therapy like this. If you are experiencing any or several symptoms of fatigue, stomach bloating, or other related conditions with some bad habits, then you are the prime candidate for whole detoxification. The longer you wait, the more your condition deteriorates.

Why would I choose this type of natural detoxification therapy over all the others?

When you work together with All Health Studios we ensure your entire system is in balance. Through the use of Natural products, Therapy, Nutrition, Exercise and Colon cleansing you are sure to receive maximum benefits, safely.

Natural detoxification therapy benefits youth, vitality, energy, vibrant wellness.

This process of cleaning is the combination of therapy and taking the right nutritional supplements. Its more beneficial to treat the cause, and not the symptoms.

There are no bad side effects but you may go thru the healing crisis depending on your condition. Fasting is not always required, however we do also offer fasting programs and courses. This process is painless for most individuals.

Everyone needs ALL the nutritional supplements during self colon cleansing to promote the healing process. Maintaining your general health and balance cannot be accomplished without the proper supplements taken daily.

WARNING: As each individual is unique and each situation is unique, we design each program specifically for you and your needs. Be very careful when considering Detoxification Therapy as there are many web sites and products available to “do it yourself”, but as we have stated many times through out our web site there are no short cuts to health and there are is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” program where what works for one works for all. You are an individual and everything about you, your body and your life needs to be taken into consideration BEFORE embarking on any sort of program.