Everything around you affects your health and how you feel, act, work and sleep.

Your environment affects your stress levels, your concentration, your efficiency and your moods.

Your environment effects weather your body is healthy or not.

Do you have food allergies, skin irritations, buzzing in the ears; do you see spots when you close your eyes?

Do you have spots on your skin, blotchiness, bloating, gas, and indigestion?

Do you get head aches, body aches chronic fatigue or tiredness?

Are you irritable but don’t know why?

Do you have a hard time concentrating?

Do you always feel tired but when you go to bed BUT you can’t sleep?


You sleep all night but when you wake up you just want to stay in bed and sleep more?

Do you have trouble loosing weight but you can’t understand why…

All of these could be a result of your environment.

Here is a suggestion that can radically change your health: 

Check out and throw out chemical products from your home.

Do you give much thought about stuff you use in your home and put on you and in you every day?

When you walk into your home, how does it feel to you? How does it smell and look like?

If you have never done this, I suggest you try it.

The next time you walk into your home, stop for just a couple of seconds, close your eyes and just feel…

How does your home feel to you?

How does it smell?

Is your home a safe haven for you? 

Is it quiet, clean, organized and comfortable? 

Is your home a place to relax and feel great in?

If you want to be healthy, you must have a place to feel really, really good in. A place you can truly relax and be healthy in.

Do you think your clothing or furniture can make you fat?

Here is an interesting fact:

Studies have linked the rise of hyperthyroidism to the introduction of flame retardant chemical applications to furniture cushions and fabrics, electronics and so on.

While the original intent was to prevent injury and death, it turns out that the chemicals are absorbed into our systems.  Who would have known? … 😉

Another study shows a correlation between pesticides and lymphoma and bladder cancer.

What about tooth paste, deodorants, hair gel, hand and face creams, mouth wash… how many products do you have in your home that state “do not eat me”, yet you lather it all over yourself, put it in your mouth or spray it in the air…

Poor drinking water quality infused with florid and chlorine is responsible for an increase in bladder and rectal cancer, breast cancer, asthma, gastrointestinal disease, obesity, mood swings and a host of other immune issues.

Lead in water can result in severe developmental delays and/or learning disorders in children as well anxiety, memory and concentration issues and long term it can cause issues such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

How about AIR POLLUTION in your home?

A number of studies have now shown that indoor air pollution is a greater threat to your health than outdoor air pollution.

These include stale and stagnant air, toxic fumes, tobacco smoke, cleaning supplies, dust mites, pollens, household sprays, and even perfumes, not to mention hundreds of thousands who fall ill to mold-related disease every year or those suffering from lung disease from household products.

What about RADIATION?

Some of the more common types of radiation in the home come from radio waves, television waves, microwave ovens, some electromagnetic gadgets, and cell phones. Even some smoke detectors release radiation.

How much time do you spend on your Furniture and Beds?

Have you ever researched into what chemical gasses your bed puts off? The place you lay your body to rest, recharge and repair for 8 or more hours every day?

What about your favorite chair or couch? 

Do you know what filling is in there to make up those cushions or the fabrics you sit on?

Have you ever asked yourself, why is my new piece of furniture smell so bad?

“Off gassing” is the evaporation of volatile chemicals

This means that building materials can release chemicals into the air through evaporation.

This evaporation can continue for years after the products are initially installed which means you continue to breathe these chemicals as you work, sleep and relax in your home or office and in your car.”

What this means to us is that anything produced with chemicals can release them…and that means almost everything.

For example, take formaldehyde. A surprising amount of products are manufactured with formaldehyde; clothes, books, magazines, furniture, drywall, shoes, belts, sunglasses, mouse pads, rugs, electronics.

Of course that’s only one chemical…there are about 80,000 other chemicals in consumer products today (according to the EPA).

NOW, I am not telling you all this to scare you or to get you to buy something from me, this is to educate you and get you to open your eyes and understand the world your living in and how is effecting you. How it effects your health, your eyesight, your mental function and efficiency, your weight… your entire life.

It is a key element to your health to be educated about all these things and to understand that you do have choices, you can take control and you do need to do things to ensure you live in a healthy environment in order to live in a healthy body… 

Your future and your life and the life of your family depend on it!

As a web site member I will give you a number of cost effective tips and tricks to ensure your environment is set up so that you can be healthy and feel good.

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