Healthier Homes Wellness Consulting by Reg Lenney is a totally new approach that goes beyond the idea of simply being environmentally sustainable — and can differentiate your real-estate development projects from all the rest.

Based on Reg’s “10 Keys To Ultimate Health”, our holistic approach is focused on creating living spaces centered around every aspect of wellness, enhancing both the physical and emotional well-being, which also takes into consideration the biological impacts the interior environment and buildings have on those living in them.

Over 90% of our life is spent indoors and these environments influence almost every aspect; How well we sleep, our energy levels, health and nutrition, moods and emotions. In this modern age, there are so many negative influences on our overall well-being such as pollution, off-gassing, harsh chemicals, unhealthy diets that all lead to health complications causing physical and emotional stress, illness, and disease.

From luxury living complexes, apartments, retirement communities, to single family residences, we can team up with your architect and interior designer to help create the ultimate calming, healthy “retreat” that promotes happiness, good health and longevity for all the inhabitants.

Reg addresses everything from air, water and light quality, material selection, colour palette and textiles, incorporating aromatherapy, noise considerations, and design strategies to increase proper nutrition, healthy movement and mindful living.

And in addition to domestic living space, this can also be extended to the following in a larger complex in order to create a comprehensive health and wellness experience:

  • Fitness club and gym design
  • Spa services and facilities design
  • Specialized onsite therapy and health care services
  • Outdoor spaces including gardens, walkways, landscaped areas

Whatever the scale or style of your property development project, Reg can create a bespoke package of measures which will significantly enhance the environment you are creating and provide an all-around healthier and happier living space.