Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing is not necessarily a spiritual approach, rather it is a whole person approach.

We  believe everything you do, everything you eat, how you feel about things and how you react to things effect your health. For this reason we work with every aspect of your life to ensure ultimate health is achieved.


Talking with different people lately, it has become painfully obvious to us that despite growing awareness, there is something clearly missing from conventional medicine; we still seem to be clueless about the bigger picture of why we get sick.

Popular media opinion on health, whether from an allopathic perspective or a natural more alternative perspective, still sadly focuses almost exclusively on the physical and the symptoms.

Whether the media does discuss emotional, mental or spiritual components, these issues are often skirted over and usually countermanded with a scientific or medical opinion – which usually softens if not negates the former.

We are told to follow guidelines in order to live a healthy life, such as:

  • take our vitamins
  • get plenty of rest and exercise
  • eat a balanced diet
  • avoid stress, etc.

So why doesn’t this work?

It no longer works because we are unwilling to take responsibility for our realty.

Everything, and we mean everything, that happens to us on whatever level; emotional, physical, mental, is the direct result of what we have internally created.

Does that seem like a hard pill to swallow?

It can be when we realize we no longer have anyone or anything to lay our blame upon. We are the creators of our own despair but also the healers of our own despair.

So why do we get sick? The very route to our wellness lies in our emotional and mental beliefs. Thinking really can kill you.

No thought is free of emotional implications, and how we perceive what happens to us will determine whether these emotions will be stored and registered in the physical body. “What you can see and believe you can achieve”. Well this is true in positive and negative actions and reaction and can effect every aspect of your life and health.

From an article in Why Magazine, 1977, Dr. Dossey, a former internist and renowned speaker on health, believes that there is something beyond stress as to why certain people succumb to the so called “Black Monday Syndrome”; which refers to the high rate of illness and heart attacks which tend to cluster on Monday mornings at the beginning of the work week.

Dossey points out that most people with stressful jobs don’t have heart attacks, and many of them never even get sick. “This is really about the attitudes you bring to your work”, he says, These are issues of meaning and fulfillment.

The meanings we take from life actually determine whether we live or die. There are numbers of cases where patients have cured themselves or made impressive improvements on belief and faith alone, after being given a placebo drug (a neutral substance given to someone under the pretense of it being a drug to help with a real condition). Likewise similar patients are dying once that belief was taken away.

We don’t think that it is far stretch for most people to believe that emotions and thoughts are key players in a person’s health and recovery from an illness.

Yet the same people faced with issues in their own life, seem to throw all this wisdom out the window and wonder at the hard blow that life has dealt them. Off they go looking for external answers, pills to take, counseling, self help guides, group therapy, herbs, diet changes, you name it.

There seems to be a bridge missing for people to make the leap to understanding how their own thoughts and emotions can be at the route of their physical condition and why not, no one said it is an easy thing to look in the mirror, especially when we have created a reality which may not reflect who we really are.

Alastair Cunningham, senior scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto, who has treated cancer by teaching people how to get in touch with their feelings, believes emotions play a crucial role in the spread of cancer. Cunningham is quoted in Why Magazine as saying,

“it seems clear that repressed emotions are one of the things that makes cancer more likely.”

Our experience with cancer patients has create energy blocks in the body. The blocks can disrupt the body’s frequency and temperature, creating the perfect environment for cancer or other illnesses.

These disruptions cause a immunological order to kill off invader cells. Researchers in California with cancer patients, using special heating devices to raise the body temperature, showed success with slowing tumor growth and release emotional blocks from the body in order to restore balance and energy.

What is necessary is to recognize, deal with and release emotional blocks from the body in order to restore balance and energy.

There is mounting scientific evidence and studies to support this theory on how the immune system is directly compromised by emotions and thoughts. Research has shown that a healthy body has electrical frequency range from 62-78 MHz while disease begins at 58 MHz and cancer starts at 42 MHz.

Taken from a 1997 article on ‘Why We Get Sick’, immunologist Candace Pert has identified a group of molecules called neuropheptides which she believes are biochemicals of emotions.

What is interesting about pert/s research is that every peptide she uncovered is produced both in the brain and the body. What this means, according to her, is that emotions which we have traditionally associated with our heads actually live in our bodies too.

What is also interesting is not that there is a large body of evidence which clearly implicates that mental and emotional roles in our health, , but that there is little focus in our society on it. We still peg all this self responsibility as  “a bunch of New Age mumbo jumbo.”

There is more to healing and understanding why we get sick than meets the eye. Perhaps we need to look a little deeper.

Of course the choice is yours, it is always up to you what you choose to accept. We are only here representing options.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Vs. Conventional Medicine

We understand the major medical systems in the following way:

Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine is based on anatomy of physical body. It identifies the body as heart, lung, liver, spleen, intestine, muscle tissues, connective tissues, and lymphatic channels etc.

These organs link each other in different way to form different functional systems, such as circulation system, respiratory system, digestion system, defense system and so on.

The functional difference of these organs and systems is found on the difference in their parenchimal cells, active molecules excreted.

The diagnosis of a disease is therefore based on the area on the detected tissues or organs (by naked eye or by related equipments), the disease occurs in the heart will be named heart disease; in the intestine, an intestine disease.

This basic characteristics makes the conventional medical profession hardly understand how a heart disease could cause a pain on the front chest, reflect on ear, on foot.

They also wonder how a heart disease could be healed by some manipulation on ear, on arm, or on some meridians.

In short, they feel unbelievable for any other medical systems that have different principles from its own. Therefore they resist on them as “unscientific”.

So if any disease cannot be heal by themselves or actually delayed by their inability to make early diagnosis, they do not recommend patients to seek help from others.

The conventional medicine is clearly proper for acute disease and late-stage disease that is removable by surgery.

However, it is usually less desirable for chronic disease and hardly diagnosed disease, or if patients feel uncomfortable but no apparent assign yet (in this case,
the doctor do not know which medicine to describe). Apparently, conventional medicine doctors have to wait until a disease shows up to some stage to let them diagnose.

For the remedy in conventional medicine, it usually uses drugs which, while concur the present disease, also and in most cases, causes side effects, and even new problems such as gout.

For late-stage disease, it prefers to use once-forever remedy, such as surgery to remove diseased tissue or organs. The disease may be healed but it is under the compensational loss of some parts of body.

This kind of remedy was criticized by alternative medicine as ‘rude’ because there are some alternative healing systems, which will not remove any part of the body, neither let patients suffer more from the surgery.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

We talk about Traditional Chinese medicine, because we are educated, and practiced in Traditional Chinese medicine along with conventional medicine.

Different to conventional medicine, which diagnoses disease from the point view of anatomy, Traditional Chinese medicine makes their diagnosis from a ‘functional’ basis.

A diagnosis is established on functionally linked organs and tissues. These organs or tissues may or may not link each other in anatomy.

For example, a heart is functionally linked with small intestine, front part of a tongue. It appears looking the physical body from far away position, compared with the conventional medicine.

Therefore, they can understand and apply long distance healing technique to heal a disease. For example, a heart problem can be dialed with needle in ear, on arms.

The advance in Traditional Chinese medicine is their recognition of meridian system, which was originally denied by the west medicine system, because it cannot be seen, or be detected at that time.

But more and more people admit that the meridian system can be ‘felt’ and now can be shown with the use of radio labeled material infusion technique.

The Chinese found that there was life energy (Qi) flowing in the meridian, which is essential to our body function.

However traditional Chinese medicine is not perfect either.

  • First, there are many diseases that cannot be healed either by it.
  • Second, it does not recognize the importance of Chakra system in our body, which is however the most contribution from Auyrvedic medicine (Indian medicine), and approved true for an even long history than the Traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Third, it did not emphasize the spiritual aspect in the occurrence and healing of a disease, which is however done so by Buddhism, Hindu and other religion. In this case, we do not refuse the religion healing from holistic medicine system.

All of these mean that, a combination of Traditional Chinese medicine with conventional medicine, no matter in which way, should not be the only medical system in the 21-century!

We should also learn something from our brother medical system ‘Ayurvedic medicine’ the spiritual healing.

We also need to learn from energy medicine, how an energy pattern of herb mixture, the most used remedy in Chinese medicine, could be affected if it is extracted for its ‘active components’ and apply to patients.

The world is not only a mixture of component, but also a pattern!

Think about this way: we have only little more than 110 elements, but we have millions of materials in the world!

H2 is one thing yet H3 is another! We believe that change our mind in the development of the Traditional Chinese medicine will open a completely new area for it than ever.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a more advanced concept. Though it has been described by Professor Donna Eden in his book in 1998, our own concept for it further involve the energy from universe, from earth, even from spirit.

We believe the existence of energy entity in the world and they may in some case contribute to our physical, mental, or spiritual problems.

The energy medicine is established on a very solid theoretical base: all materials in the universe are the manifestation of energy.

Any phenomenon in the physical world is also a reflection of energy exchange: our feeling, our thinking, our live, hate, envy, desire and so on.

All these things can now be well documented by monitoring the change of aura around our body.

In energy medicine, doctors do not identify where the disease is within the physical body. They apparently look our physical body even far away compared with Traditional Chinese medicine.

It seems that the life energy not only follows within Chinese recognized meridian system, but also in and out the Indian founded Chakra system.

The energy related to our health has different property: ‘a good’ or ‘a bad’ energy. The former will be helpful for health, and the later, not good or cause disease.

The energy can be accumulated or deleted from the body and may come from outside of the body or created from our own mind and thinking.

Supply the benefit energy and remove bad energy can all contribute to a good health. But, in the healing process, the doctors do not care where the energy will go within the body, appearing that the energy itself knows where it should go, and/or our body know how to redistribute the energy.

With the development of the energy, it becomes more easy and logical to understand many different forms of medical remedy. They are:

  • Chinese acupuncture – Qigong
  • Reiki – Therapeutic touch
  • Shamanism healing – long distance healing
  • Mind healing – religion healing
  • as well as light and sound therapy.

Any diet, chemical or herb drugs, different beverage, can all be regarded as energy entity and therefore have their specific meaning to health.

However, we do not try, in this time, to mass the west medicine and Traditional Chinese herb medicine into the energy medicine, for the fact that they have their distinct medical philosophy (theory) and there have no more been researched what is the individual energy pattern for each drug, when they are used to heal specific disease.

Apparently, the development of the concept of energy medicine allows us to open mind and learn many medical systems in the world, to be able to help our clients more efficiently.