Migraine Therapy

Wouldn’t it be good to be free of the migraine… completely?

We, have a special interest in Migraine sufferers.

We are able, in many cases, to give control back to the sufferer, eliminating the ‘Pill Popping’ and the side effects. Our clients are able to live normally without resorting to the use of drugs, many of which are medically admitted to be ineffective.

The treatments given by our professionals are a fresh and entirely logical approach, are non-invasive, pain free and do not use any form of tablet, pill or potion.

Our Treatment relieves the Migraine by helping to restore alignment in the neck and head, along with Imbalances in other arias of your system, that may be causing or contributing to the migraine problem.

Our Therapist will check your whole structure and then work on the bones of the head and the energy flow throughout the meridians in your body. This usually means that the migraine attacks are less frequent almost immediately after your first session.

During a consultation, our therapist will have the patient lie on a massage table and will palpate
gently the patient’s skull and spine. This touching is essential to the practitioner who must be able
to “listen” with her hands to what is called the cranial rhythmic impulse.

This pulsation is distinct from both the familiar cardiovascular pulse and the normal breathing rhythm. To the experienced practitioner, this pulse has a cycle of three seconds of inflow and three seconds of rest, averaging 10 cycles per minute. Interruption of the inflow by abnormal restrictions, such as from an injury, or by abnormal tension patterns may result in problems such as dizziness, migraine headaches, and sinus problems.

Once the practitioner identifies these patterns of congestion or resistance and locates their cause, he gently performs the manipulation, freeing the resistance and restoring the natural balance to the pulse.

Attacks lessen because with a more balanced structure, there is less likelihood of the vasoconstriction / vasodilatation that occurs in migraine.

Our treatment is safe and gentle so can be used with babies, young children, the older generation and all in between.

Our Treatment boosts circulation, which means that the healing agents of the body itself are triggered into action. The body’s own painkillers will also be released and this helps to restore health. Constant attacks of migraine are debilitating. They affect families and others around the sufferer. You will notice that your overall health improves.

Are you tired of reading information like the following? This is a quote from The Migraine Association of Canada:

What is Migraine?

What causes migraine is still in the hands of scientific researchers. The pain itself is caused by swollen blood vessels in the head, which are affected by chemical changes in the body. As a migraine sufferer your priority is to see a doctor for proper diagnosis, and then learn how to control your pain.

In most cases, successful preventive therapy for migraines requires daily medication for months or years. Perimenstrual use of a preventive agent is a common exception.

Preventive therapy is usually undertaken in patients who have more than two headache episodes per month or those very much disabled by headaches. Beta blockers are usually the first choice for preventive therapy, and amitriptyline is also commonly used.

Despite widespread use of calcium channel blockers for prevention of migraine, their benefits are controversial. Although effective for prevention of migraine, methysergide and phenelzine are usually relegated to last- resort use because of potentially serious side effects.

The migraine patient who is refractory to standard preventive therapy may have rebound headache related to overuse of abortive migraine medications, or concomitant psychopathology.