Power Through Emotions

“Emotions are just stored energy”

“To feel our best & to get the most out of life, we need to move that trapped energy out through sound, movement, & tears.”

We must release our emotions safely & privately, so that we release the toxins without forcing anyone else to listen to us purge that energy.

Through-out our programs, and part of our Power, Success and Healing system, i will show you how to do just that, “When you have something happen that upsets or angers you, & you say, ‘Ooooo…I could just scream’, you probably need to do just that!  So, put your hand firmly across your mouth—tight—and scream your head off, saying whatever you like to blow out the angry or hurt energy.  March around, kick a pillow—whatever you need to do to clear that energy from your body.  Then, have a good cry.  That will cleanse your endocrine system & bring you some much needed endorphins.”

This simple method for clearing energies that sap your happiness & strength will keep you in balance, moving forward, available for success, all without upsetting anyone or anything else.  “Safely & privately—those are the keys to releasing our emotional backlog,”