The Ultimate 14 Day Juice Fast – Day 14

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Day 14:

Welcome to the fourteenth day of Reginald Lenny’s 14-day Juice Fasting program! Congratulations on completing the fasting program! Now your body is cleansed and purified of all the toxins and debris accumulated by years of improper nutrition and bad environmental effects. After a few days of adjusting back to normal nutrition you will notice how easier and better you feel being clean and healthy.

Today you can enjoy the following juices:

Breakfast Juice:
Three medium sized apples, one peeled lime (or lemon), one peeled kiwi, some mint, one teaspoon of cane sugar or maple syrup and crushed ice (optional) and 2 fluid ounces of water
Lunch Juice:
One beet root, one peeled orange, two medium apples, three ounces of spinach, 1/2 of a lemon, one quarter of an avocado and 3 fluid ounces of water
Dinner Juice:
Two apples, one sweet green pepper, one stalk of celery, one ounce of spinach, one avocado, one half of a lemon and 3 fluid ounces of water


After you have completed the program and your body is cleansed and detoxified you should feel markedly different.

As you have slowly eased into the Juice Fasting Diet, now you have to slowly ease out of it.

Start off slowly and light – the first 2-3 days after the juice fast is complete you should try eating smoothies and soups, while avoiding solid foods.

At the second or third day after the fasting program is complete, you should start eating solid foods in form of steamed vegetables or softer fruits. Avoid meats and animal products or pastries, as they can hurt your intestines.

3-4 days of avoiding solid and heavy foods after completing the fasting program you can return to your normal diet and lifestyle.

Fasting programs such as this can and should be repeated in certain periods of time to keep your body clean of toxins.

The periods in which you repeat detox programs such as this should not be more often then 1-2 months, as doing them too often will leave your body weakened and malnourished.

Remember – this is not a diet plan, this is a detox program, it is meant to last a certain period of time! Persisting with the program longer than it is meant to last can lead to unwanted complications and cause damage.

Body detoxification is one of the 10 Keys To Ultimate Health, according to Reginald Lenny. It is a very important step, used to clear the body of toxins and debris, before ideal health and peek body functions can be achieved. Now that you have completed the detoxification program, you can move on to next steps to ultimate health and wellbeing. For more information about the 10 Keys To Ultimate Health, go here.