The Ultimate 14 Day Juice Fast – Day 3

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Day 3:

Welcome to the third day of Reginald Lenny’s 14-day Juice Fasting program! Good job on keeping up so far. Here is the juice plan for today:

Breakfast Juice:
Two peeled oranges, one medium sized apple, one half of a peeled lemon, one half of a pineaple, one table spoon of honey, 1/3 teaspoon of salt and 3 fluid ounces of water

Lunch Juice:
Four ounces spinach, three spears asparagus, ten brussel sprouts, one half of a lemon, one whole apple, one medium cucumber, one tablespoon olive oil, 1/3 teaspoon table salt and 3 fluid ounces of water

Dinner Juice:
Three apples, one lemon, one knob of ginger, five large grapes, a bit of mint and 3 fluid ounces of water

Tips of the Day:

  • After the second or third day, you will notice your stool becoming less solid, or even perhaps liquid. Do not be alarmed, this is a normal symptom of the juice diet, as you are not eating any solid foods. This will also help cleanse your intestines, especially your colon, of any debris and layers of toxins stuck to them.
  • Try not to stray from the nutrition prescribed in the plan – eating outside of the juices laid out in the plan is greatly discouraged. Any solid foods or any kinds of drinks taken that are not in the plan will only have negative effects on the expected benefits of the plan. Eating solid foods during the plan can also be dangerous, and can cause stomach pains and indigestion.
  • Remember to dissolve one-half of a teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt and one half of a lemon into two liters of water and drink that through the day! Proper hydration is very important, as water is the medium by which the toxins leave your body!
  • The goal of our juice fasting program is primarily detoxification; removing the layers of debris and toxins deposited in your various organs and increasing your overall health and wellbeing. The primary goal of this program IS NOT WEIGHT LOSS. That is why we have made sure that you get enough calories during a day of fasting. Some of the daily juice recipes contain added calories for that reason.
  • For healthy and lasting weight loss programs you can consult our experts, and get a complete fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program aimed specifically at weight loss.