The Ultimate 14 Day Juice Fast – Day 7

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Breakfast Juice:
One cup of blueberries, one pineapple, two whole pears, one medium banana, 1/3 teaspoon of salt and 3 fluid ounces of water
Lunch Juice:
One beet root, one peeled orange, two medium apples, three ounces of spinach, 1/2 of a lemon, one quarter of an avocado and 3 fluid ounces of water
Dinner Juice:
Two apples, one sweet green pepper, one stalk of celery, one ounce of spinach, one avocado, one half of a lemon and 2 fluid ounces of water


After the first week of detox is complete, you should be more accustomed to the changes your body is undergoing. Half of the work is completed, and your body is now starting to scrape the deepest toxins and layers of debris.

The next week will be crucial for completely detoxifying your body and resetting your metabolism
As the toxins leave your body, your natural energy levels will begin to rise and you will feel more healthy and energized.

Nutrition is an important factor in your overall health. Nutrition affects many aspects of your life, some of them not so obvious. Mood, disposition, motivation and general levels of energy are also affected by your diet and nutrition.

Detoxification is primarily aimed at cleaning the toxins from your body that got there in the first place by way of bad nutrition.

For more lasting and affecting changes, nutrition should be changed as well after the completion of the fasting program. This way, you will avoid and prevent any more toxins from entering your body and acquire higher levels of energy and health.