Ultimate Golf – Back Swing – Day 10


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Today, we will return to the elements that make up the back swing.  Having looked at the takeaway at the start of the week, we will now move on to halfway through the back swing.


With your club and body in the ideal position, having completed the takeaway element of the back-swing, it’s time to move on to the halfway stage.

With your club in the takeaway position, allow your wrists to cock upwards as your weight continues to move to the right side of your body.  As you do so, your right arm will begin to bend at the elbow but your left arm will remain straight.  At this point, your club should be at a 90 degree angle to your left arm and should also intersect your right shoulder.

With your shoulders well in to their rotation, you should begin to feel your hips becoming a part of the back-swing process.