Ultimate Golf – Back Swing – Day 13


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Today, we will return to the elements that make up your back swing.  Having looked at the takeaway and halfway stages earlier in the week, we will now work on the top of your swing.  This is the final element of your back swing.

Top of the Swing

The position you find yourself in at the top of the back-swing is very important.  As we will see later in the course, this position will have an influence on your down-swing.

At the top of the back-swing, your shoulders need to turn as close to 90 degrees as you can get them.  Do not force your shoulders in to position, as this will result in a loss of control, only turn as much as is comfortable for you to do so.

Keep you head still and ensure that you left arm remains straight but not stiff.  Imagining that your body is a clock face and do not allow your club to go beyond 3 o’clock, with your hands sitting at 11 o’clock.  If you wish, you can position a mirror to check your club and hand position.

That completes your back swing.  Work on each section separately and together to see improvements in your game.