Ultimate Golf – Back Swing – Day 14


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Having completed the three elements of your back swing, today we are working on the mental aspect of your golf game and something that is vital to improving performance.  It is known as Negative Thinking.

Negative Thinking

Every athlete, whether amateur or professional, struggles with psychological issues during their performance and one of the main ones is that of negative thinking.  How often have you prepared to hit your golf shot and at the same time been thinking ‘don’t hit it in to the water, just don’t hit in to the water’?  What usually happens at this stage?  More often than not, the ball goes straight in to the water or travels in completely the opposite direction.  Either way, the resulting shot is poor.  You then begin to dwell on that bad shot and before you know it, your whole round of golf becomes negatively effected by it.

Furthermore, once in to a state of negative thoughts during a round of golf, they can often stay for the remainder of the round.

Fortunately, there is a way to control those negative thoughts. Imagine you hit a poor approach shot to the green and end up 20 yards away from it.  Now, instead of allowing your mind to send you a barrage of abuse, have it force you to repeat a positive thought over and over again.  In this example, you could mentally repeat an affirmation such as ‘perfect chip, perfect chip, perfect chip’ as you make your way towards the green.

This technique, sends a powerful message to your subconscious, which causes you to focus on your next shot.  Not only that, but it also blocks out any thoughts of negativity from your previous shot and that’s precisely what we are trying to achieve.

Next time you are playing golf and hit a poor shot (which we all do), use this technique as a way to overcome it and stop it from effecting your round.