Ultimate Golf – Back Swing – Day 8


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This week, we will be working on the back swing.  As with your golf shot set-up, we are going to split the back-swing in to three separate elements.  We are going to practice each element individually and they will then combine to create the perfect back-swing.

There’s an order of doing things here, which when remembered, will help you to improve the back-swing element of your golf swing.  Again, we are using a right-handed golfer in our examples.


The first thing that should start back is the face of your club.  At this point, your arm needs to stay close to the right side of your body and your weight should be evenly distributed.  As your hands begin to pass your right leg, your weight should start to move to your right leg.  Once your club is parallel to the ground, it is time to check if you are still parallel to your target line.  If you are not, begin the takeaway again until it is, as this shows that your swing is on the correct arc.  Also, check that your club face is parallel to your hands.

Tip – A great way to imagine or even practice the takeaway, is to think of a rugby player passing the ball.  As the player passes the ball, his arms and hands direct his chest to the direction that the ball is traveling.  You could even use a small cushion or something similar when at home or work, to practice this.