Ultimate Golf – Down Swing – Day 15


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This week, we will be working on the down swing.

As we have successfully done with the previous elements of the golf swing, the down swing will be split up in to two different elements.  Each one can be practiced and perfected individually or you can choose to practice them as one sequence.  We will start with a key aspect of the down-swing and that is the transition.


The transition, is the point in your golf swing, where the club begins to work its way back down  towards the ball.  This aspect of your swing can have a great effect on the outcome of your shot, that is why we are covering it in detail here.  If you start your down-swing correctly, you can gain a lot of power, accuracy and therefore consistency in your golf shots.

To commence the down-swing, you need to move your weight towards your front foot by shifting your hips to the left.  At the same time, bring your right elbow down, towards your body, in line with the pocket on the right side of your trousers.  A combination of these two actions, will allow you to shift your weight towards the target and your shoulders to unwind naturally.

At the point when you feel your hips starting to turn, your chest and body will pull your hands forwards, towards the ball.

At no point should you need to throw your club down from the top of your back-swing.

Tomorrow, we will provide a drill, which will help you with the transition.