Ultimate Golf – Down Swing – Day 19


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Having introduced a putting game for you to play at home last week, we now have two more for you to try.  These games are fun but will also improve your putting skills.

Our second putting game, will help you to improve the pace of your putting.  Find a room, at home or work, that has a carpet and a free wall, with no obstacles in the way.  Take 5 balls and set them up at a distance of your choosing away from the wall.  The object of the game, is to putt each ball as close to the wall as you can but without actually touching it.  Once you have mastered the first distance, move the balls closer or further away and continue as before.

This game will help you judge the pace of your putting and also your distance judgement and control.

The final putting game is very simple to set-up and play.  Take a mug and place it somewhere on a carpeted floor.  Starting quite close to the mug, try to hit the ball in to it.  Once you are consistently successful at the first distance, move a foot away and try again.  See how far away you can get using 5 balls and then start again.  Once you are competent using 5 balls, try 10.

This game will help with your putting alignment and in conjunction with the two previous games, will improve your overall putting skills.