Ultimate Golf – Down Swing – Day 20


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Today we are going to work on the second part of the down swing.  This aspect deals with the impact of the golf club with the ball.


Each of the steps you have taken with this course in regards to your golf swing, have been designed to get you in to the best position possible for this moment.  Club impact with the ball.

At the point of impact, having completed the previous aspects of your golf swing correctly, you should need to make no adjustments.

The hips should continue to turn open and the chest should be facing the ball.  Your head should be behind the ball and your left arm straightening.  With your left foot flat on the ground, the ball of your right foot should also be in contact with the ground.

Your hands will be slightly ahead of the club at the point of impact, which is exactly what we want, with your left wrist flat and your right wrist bent.

As mentioned previously, you should not have to force any part of your body in to position at this point.  If you feel you are doing so, there could be something missing from the earlier parts of your swing.  However, this can be corrected by following the other aspects of the swing, which have been covered in this course.

Practice Drill

This drill will encourage your body to get in to the correct position at the point of impact and therefore allow you get a feel of what it is like.

Place your golf bag on the floor, with the bottom of the bag facing you and take your stance as you would to address the ball (but in this case, address the bag). From this position, simply try to push the bag along the ground with your club.  Hold the pressure on the bag for 5 seconds and then relax.  Complete this drill 10 times, before hitting some balls.

Your body should begin to feel the same way when you make contact with the ball, as it does when you complete the drill using your bag.