Ultimate Golf – Down Swing – Day 21


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Following on from the pattern of the first two weeks, today we will be looking at the mental aspects of playing golf.  A good mentality on the golf course, can have just as much impact on your score as the physical aspects of your game.


Visualization can help to promote inner belief, which can be vital when attempting an important stroke on the golf course.  A lack of belief, which we have all felt at some point in day-to-day life, can manifest itself in different ways when playing golf.  It could be a real feeling of not being good enough, becoming intimidated by other players or worrying about things which are out of your control.

The best way to overcome this lack of belief, is daily visualization.  Take 5 minutes out of your day, everyday and imagine yourself playing the perfect round of golf.  Don’t just think about it, feel it.  Use all of your senses to visualize exactly what it would be like.  The fairways, the greens, the other players, the smell of the grass and most importantly, that fantastic feeling of joy when you play a tremendous round.

By doing this for just 5 minutes every day, there will be a gradual transformation in your confidence, both before and during your round of golf.  The key, is to actually do it every day.  If you want to become a great golfer, you must be willing to do something about it and this will definitely help you.  So find somewhere quiet for 5 minutes and start your daily visualization routine today.