Ultimate Golf – Follow Through – Day 22


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This week, we will be looking at the final aspect of your swing, the follow through.

Having made impact with the ball, many people believe that the golf shot is over.  Having hit the ball, what else can there possibly be to do?  Well, the follow through, what you do after you have struck the ball, is very important and it’s not just for show.

Think of the follow through, as the completion of the process.  If you start well at point A and finish well at point C, the chances are that part B is going to pretty good too.  They are all linked together and it’s important to remember that.

There are a number of points here, which will help you to achieve the perfect follow through.  Take your time to become familiar with them.

  • Do not force yourself to turn in the follow though.  Allow your own momentum and that of your golf club, to pull your body round and up, this will ensure a balanced finished.  We have a drill at the end of this section, which will help you.
  • Your left foot, should be in exactly the same place as where it started and 90% of your weight should be on this foot.
  • Your right foot should be connected to the ground via tip-toes and not the ball of the foot.
  • At the conclusion of your follow through, your belt buckle should be facing the target.  How many of the top, professional players are facing the target after a good shot?  All of them.  The key, is for your hips to rotate around your left hip joint.  This alone, will allow you to enjoy golf, injury free, for many years to come.
  • Your hands, arms and club, should remain extended through and after the impact with the ball.  At the very end of your follow through, your elbows can start to fold and your wrists can hinge, bringing your follow through to a finish.
  • If your follow through is balanced, you should be able to hold the final pose in place, until your ball lands.

Practice Drill

Pick up both your 7 and 8 iron and grip them together, in the same way you would to address the ball.  Ensuring that they do not hit each other, hold them above the ground and swing them slowly but with enough power to generate a full follow through.  The weight of the two clubs together, will be enough to swing your body round, in to the correct, well balanced, follow through position.