Ultimate Golf – Follow Through – Day 26


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Today, is your final step in stepping on to the golf course with best mentality for playing a great round.


There many elements to a round of golf, which are simply out of your control.  However, you will still allow them to have a negative impact, mentally, on your game.

The following, are examples of uncontrollables.

  • The weather, it could be very windy and this is making some of your shots very difficult to control.
  • Your shot ended up in the one section of rough that happens to be the deepest on the hole.
  • Your playing partner is playing superbly and enjoying him/herself.

All of the above, are actually out of your control, therefore, why do you waste the mental stamina worrying about them?  This links back to a previous technique, known as the ‘switch on, switch off’ technique.

As you have been putting this excellent technique in to use already, you should be able to use it to your advantage here.  Unless there is something going on, during your round of golf, that is tangible and can be changed by you, then use that time to think about something else and conserve your mental energy.  You might need it when addressing that all important putt on the 18th green.