Ultimate Golf – Follow Through – Day 28


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The final game, is to be played on the golf course, with friends.  This game will allow you to bring together everything that you have gained over the last four weeks.  Every aspect of the course comes in to play.  Your exercises, diet, mental approach and your fantastic golf swing.  Enjoy it, you deserve it.

On-Course Games

When playing a round of golf with friends, why not play a different game to the usual formats available?  A good game to play, which can improve your golf, is to award points for each shot.

  • Each player who finds the fairway with their tee-shot gets a point
  • The player closest to the hole after their tee-shot gets a point
  • The player who finds the green first gets a point
  • The player who is closest to the green once all balls are on there gets a point
  • The first person to get their ball in the hole wins a point.

The great thing about this game, is that it encourages you to forget your previous shot, however bad it was and concentrate on the next one, as there are still points up for grabs.  Essentially, you remain competitive until the first ball drops in to the hole, regardless of what has happened beforehand.

An alternative to this game but based on the same principles is to award points for the following:

  • Hitting the fairway off the tee
  • Hitting a green in regulation
  • Hitting a green in less than regulation
  • Making a par
  • Making a birdie
  • Making an eagle
  • Hitting a sand save
  • Deduction for a 3 putt
  • Deduction for a 4 putt

Again, this forces you to concentrate on each shot and will really help in analyzing different areas of your golf game.  You can then select those parts of your game that need the most work and focus on them when practicing.