Ultimate Golf – Set Up Phase – Day 1


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We will be covering three fundamentals of the set-up phase of the golf shot this week.  Each will come with tips and advice that you can follow and practice in order to improve that aspect of your golf.

Ball and Body Alignment

In order to complete this drill, you will need to have access to two sticks, slightly longer than the length of a club shaft but narrower.  The can easily be ordered online and as we use them more than once throughout the course, they will become a great investment.

You can purchase them here: (UK) http://www.amazon.co.uk/PGA-TOUR-Sticks-Alignment-Golf/dp/B007CCAUZY  (USA) http://www.amazon.com/Tour-Sticks-Golf-Alignment-Stick/dp/B003LT8L5S

Firstly, your body should be positioned in a way that it is parallel to the target you are aiming to hit the ball towards.  The two sticks you are using, should be placed on the ground, also parallel to the target.  The first should be placed 3 inches in-front of your feet and the other 2 foot further away from the first stick.  You will basically create a railway track with the two sticks.

Place your ball between the two sticks but closest to the stick furthest away from your body and then address the ball.  Once in to your stance, this will allow you to get a feel of what it is like to address the ball with the correct alignment.  Be prepared that it may feel strange at first and if it does, that is a sign that your alignment has been off in the past and now you are correcting it.

This drill can be completed at the driving range, if you would like to practice hitting balls with it.  However, it can also be set-up at the home or office and will still allow you to get a feel of standing over the ball with the correct alignment, without actually striking the ball.