Ultimate Golf – Set Up Phase – Day 2


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There is a myth, that golfers are not athletes, but make no mistake, all golfers are top athletes.  This applies to golfers playing at all levels of the sport, from amateur and club players, up to the professionals.

Yes, golfers need stamina, in order maintain the highest levels of performance through an 18 hole round of golf.  However, it’s the golf swing itself that we are going to focus on here because that requires a huge amount of athleticism.

Throughout the course, there will be a number of exercises and daily routines, that will help you to achieve the level of fitness required to deliver a fantastic golf swing, consistently.

The physical elements the make up a golf swing are:





Core stability

Body awareness


As part of this course, ‘The Ultimate Golf Enhancement Program – Taking your Golf Game from Good to Exceptional’ we will introduce you to a range of golf fitness tips and exercises, which will ultimately help to improve your golf swing.

Do not be alarmed, to increase the physical elements in your golf swing and hit the ball longer, does not mean having to purchase and lift heavy weights.  A good golf swing is a mix of all the above elements.  By following these exercises, you will strengthen your power muscles, balance and also your range of motion, resulting in a stronger swing and greater distance off the tee.

The great thing about the exercises included in this course, is that they are are specifically designed to improve your golf swing and can be done anywhere.

As we are working on the golf shot set-up this week, your first exercise focuses on stability and balance.

Stability and Balance Exercise:  

Stand in position, as you would when addressing the golf ball on the tee.  Grip an imaginary club and raise your right leg, slowly, off the floor.  Keep your arms out straight and back flat.  Once in position, rotate your body to one side and then the other.  Start off slowly and ensure that you can complete 15 repetitions at that speed.  As you become more confident with the exercise, you can increase the speed of your rotations.

This exercise will improve your stability and balance when completing your golf swing.