Ultimate Golf – Set Up Phase – Day 3


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Today, we will return to the elements that make up the golf shot set-up.  Having looked at ball and body alignment earlier in the week, today we will work on the golf ball placement.  The following guide and drills will help you improve your golf ball placement.

Golf Ball Placement

One aspect of golf that many people fail to appreciate early on, is that golf ball position needs to be different, depending on the club you are using.  The tips below will help you when positioning the ball for various clubs and shots.  It’s possible to practice each set-up at the driving range and also get a feel for each at home.  Each tip is for the right-handed golfer, with the opposite being true for the left-handed golfer.

When using the driver, ideally your ball needs to be placed in-line with the inside of the left heel of your shoe.

When using fairway woods and long irons, your ball should be positioned two balls forward of center and two balls to the left of center.

When using middle irons, your ball should be very slightly forward of center, so a touch closer to your left foot than your right foot.

When using short irons, your ball should be placed in the center of your stance.

As with the ball and body alignment, using the sticks can help here.  Place the sticks in a T- shape position, with one stick parallel to the target. Place the second stick the correct distance back from the front front for the club you are practicing with, using the guide above.

Again, each stance can initially feel strange but with practice, it will become familiar.SetUp_BallPosition