Ultimate Golf – Set Up Phase – Day 5


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Golf games and drills are not only great fun but also a good way to improve your golf game away from the course.  We all like to get to the golf course, the driving range and the practice greens as often as possible but circumstances dictate, that we cannot get their as often as we want to.

However, by playing simple golf games at home or at work, it’s possible to improve specific aspects of your game away from the course.

This week, we are focusing on improving your golf shot set-up and this game will help you with that.

Set-Up Game

This is a technique you can use to check and work on the positioning of your set-up when addressing the ball.

To complete this indoor drill, you will need to have a full-length, stand-up mirror.  Smaller mirrors are also acceptable but a full-length one is ideal.  These can be purchased fairly cheaply online, at retailers such as Argos: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/6244963.htm

Using your Golf Ball Placement Guide (Set Up Phase – Day 3), stand in-front of the mirror and adopt the correct procedure for each golf club.  Keep checking the mirror to see if it looks correct.  You can even use a camera or ask someone else to help and take photos, once you are in the perfect position.  You can even take photos on your phone and then refer back to them when you have five minutes.

This will keep them fresh in your memory for the next time you step on to the golf course.