Ultimate Golf – Set Up Phase – Day 6


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Today, we will return to the elements that make up the golf shot set-up.  Having looked at ball and body alignment plus golf ball placement earlier in the week, we will now work on posture.  This is the final element of your golf shot set-up.  The following guide and drills will help you improve your posture.


You really begin to see the value of purchasing alignment sticks now, as we move on to the final part of the golf shot set-up.

Place the first stick in the same position as you did for the ball and body alignment drill (Set Up Phase – Day 1), parallel to the target and about 2 inches away from the end of your feet.  Using the pointed end of the second stick, insert into the ground so that the top is pointing at an angle, towards your belt-buckle.

When inserting the stick, place it roughly 6 inches to the outside of the ball.  Exactly where this is, will depend on which club you are using, as discussed in the golf ball placement drill (Set Up Phase – Day 3).

Get in to your stance, address the ball and place your hands and club parallel to the stick which you inserted into the ground.  By completing this drill, you will ensure that your posture and grip position are correct.

This completes your golf shot set-up procedure.