Ultimate Golf – Set Up Phase – Day 7


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Having completed the golf shot set-up element of your swing this week, you have the tools in place to perfect it.  However, it’s not only the physical aspects of golf that create a great player, there’s the mental side of the game to consider too.

The majority of people playing golf, have heard at some stage during their life, the phrase ‘golf is 90% in the mind’.

We are not here to dispute the legitimacy of that statement but what is true, is that mentality does play a huge part in the sport of golf.  During this course, we will be tackling a number of mental issue that arise on the golf course and providing ways in which to tackle them.  The first of which, is concentration.


One of the main, mental aspects of playing a great round of golf, is concentration.  Many players can start off their round fully focused but then, once the back 9 starts, they tend to lose that focus.  Each person has a different degree of mental stamina but everyone’s mind can become tired of focusing on the same thing.  This is when errors can start to creep in and crucial shots are lost.

However, there is a way around this, which will help you to focus on the golf course, when it really matters.

It’s that last part of the above sentence which is important here.  Focus when it really matters.  This is known as the ‘switch on, switch off’ technique.

To implement this technique, you need to distract yourself from your golf in-between shots.  For example, as you walk between one shot and the next, do not get caught up thinking about the previous or next shot, instead, think about something completely different.

Soak up the view and what’s around you, think about something fun you did or something you are looking forward to, anything to ‘remove yourself’ from the game.  It’s important to think about something that makes you relaxed and not something that will make you stressed or angry.

You can try this technique during your day-to-day life, especially when at work.  Between assignments, meetings or tasks, take a couple of minutes to think about something you enjoy and relax, before starting to focus on the next item on your schedule.