THRIVE!  Acapulco TRAINING Event

Are you a chiropractor, osteopath, massage therapist, holistic practitioner or other “specialist” who works on or with your client’s body and mind?

Would you like to get extra-ordinary results with clients saying “Thank you for changing my life!” while you earn 6-7 figures and love the services you provide?

This is the program that will teach you EXACTLY how Reg Lenney attracts some of the world’s most powerful leaders and professional clients.

Lifestyle mentor program

Transform your life in only 5 minutes per day!

I guarantee this will be the best investment you will make.

Learn the strategies and techniques I have learnt over 33 years working with celebrities, professional sport athletes, world leaders and Royal Families from around the world.

Quickly learn daily lessons easy to implement – in a few minutes more than it takes to brush your teeth.

Rest & rebuild retreat

Rest – Repair – Rebuild: A Retreat Experience for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

If you want to restore your purpose and passion to be the BEST version of YOU possible, and if you want to be filled up so you naturally overflow “Extra-Ordinary” for yourself and others, then this retreat is for YOU!

Every body shape, size, and ability level will find joy and freedom at our Rest & Rebuild Retreat!

We design a custom program around YOU!

** We are still accepting reservations **

coming soon….

An exclusive training event designed to support talent managers in the entertainment industry.

Giving them the tools and techniques to ensure the talent they are working so hard for is able to maintain the glory, fame, pressure and demands of living that life.

Managers are typically very close to the artists they serve and are “first responders” when issues come up. BUT are usually not trained to see problems coming or understand the issues the talent is facing in all aspects of their lives, outside the work they need to do.

We will ensure you are able to support your talent getting to the top, and keeping them there– avoiding the issues that cost you time, money and brand value.