Week 1- Team Natural


Your body won’t look ‘right’ by simply losing weight — it’s important that you re-shape your body through proper fat loss, rebalancing and muscle toning methods. This doesn’t mean you need to join a gym if you don’t want to. What I will step you through will help to make your daily exercise easier and more efficient, to create better, faster results. 

If you have not been working out, you don’t feel you have time or you don’t like the thought of going to a gym, don’t worry. This program will take all the stress away and show you how to make some amazing body changes with very small easy to follow steps.

The Key to changing your body and weight issues is to be as active as often as possible! If you work a sedentary job, or your don’t move much, here is what I want you to do. 


I want you to become active all day long. Use your imagination. I am not asking you to go find a gym or take 15 or 30 minutes to exercise, all I want you to do is some small short routines that take very little time and effort and do them all day long.

For my sedentary people who are at home or in an office all day, this is a fun little tip that will drive your co-workers crazy and make you smile every time. Every time your phone rings, stand up and look up pushing your chin towards the ceiling as high as you can for one deep breath. Then sit back down. Do that every time your phone rings. You will find this will strengthen your back, tone your butt, stretch your neck and alleviate neck and shoulder pains and drive the people in your office crazy!

I also want you to go for a 15-minute power walk on your coffee and lunch break. Not a run but a full on, as fast as you can go, walk! 

If you can’t get out of your office or building that often for that long then climb stairs, do lunges or squats in your office… whatever. Use your imagination. Get up and move. Do as many as you can, as fast as you can, without running, as often as you can all day every day. 

By engaging in this every day, combined with only eating 3 times a day will help improve body composition, give you more energy, burn body fat, relieve stress stored in your body and delay the aging process. 

This strategy is far superior to the Conventional Wisdom approach of following a consistent schedule of frequent medium-to- high–intensity sustained workouts, such as jogging, running, or cycling; cardio machines; or group classes. That workout plan—which I refer to as ChronicCardio—places excessive and prolonged physical stress on your body, which inevitably leads to fatigue, injuries, compromised immune function, and burnout. Sometimes, less really is more.


Ok, so along with being as active as you can all day long every day,


For week one I want you to get out of bed 45 minutes earlier than normal, grab a 2 liter bottle of water and go for a walk. Sip the water during the whole walk, don’t guzzle the water. Make sure you finish the 2 liters before you get back home. 

Yes, that is it! 

Every morning for this week you will go outside and walk as fast as you can for a full 45 minutes. Don’t run! Walk as fast as you can. 

You want to walk at a full range of motion, taking as big of a step as you can with still being able to walk fast. Pay attention to your feet, using the whole foot when you walk. Take off from the tip of your toe on one foot and land on the heel of the other, feel the “roll” in your foot as you glide from one foot to the other. Make sure you have proper training shoes on that are tied up properly. Do not just slide into your comfy around the house shoes. It is worth investing in a proper pair of shoes that will hold and support your foot properly.  

*NOTE* If you have not been physically active for a while, or years, you will feel some muscle discomfort. You may feel some shin pain, foot pain, leg pain, butt pain… general discomfort. Guess what, those are your muscles waking up. Best way to fix the pain, go for another walk and keep moving. I know that sounds crazy!! When you wake up on day 2 and you feel sore and stiff, don’t say to yourself I need to rest and let this get better!!!!! Get up, start walking, MOVE! I promise you will feel better after. Your muscles are made to use, so use them. You are going to do through periods of discomfort through-out this process but it will pass and it will get better as long as you get up and do it. So, no excuses, stop thinking and allowing your brain to make you fail. Shut the little voice off and get moving.