Week 2- Team Extreme

Hey Guys,

Great feedback on your week. People are loving the jumping pushups and are already seeing big results in only a week.

So this week, cut the jumping push-ups back to 4 times per week. Still do 100 of them in the day but only do it for 4 days this week.

Plus, I want you to add one more thing into your daily routine;


What!!?? I know what some of you are saying, but here is the fact. Most of you are very tight, you are not stretching or taking any time to lengthen your muscles. You are losing flexibility and losing strength.

So, I want you to take 15 minutes 2 times a day, every day this week to do some proper stretching.

I have put some videos up on the website for you to follow. I don’t want to hear any complaints or excuses. Next week I just want to hear how great your feeling and how much stronger your getting. So get at it, 2 times, every day, 15 minutes, and if you want you can even do a bit during your regular work out times to see how much it will improve your lifting.

*If you have a physical aliment, which makes it literally impossible for you to do these, contact me and I will give you a special one to fit your needs. 

The rest of you, stop coming up with excuses or reasons, just do it! (I like to do these first thing in the morning when I first get out of bed, I also do them in between exercises sets or while walking through the park. Do them any time, any-where, just make sure you do them.)

So get at it, watch the yoga video now and get into it. Have fun and stay positive!!