Week 2- Team Natural

OK, I know some of you are having a tough time getting motivated in the mornings and are feeling a little embarrassed standing up when you hear a phone or a bell at work… But I say, Great!  It’s fun, it makes you smile and it makes others around you smile.

I have already received some fantastic feedback about one member has been doing this at work all week. In the beginning her co-workers thought she had gone crazy but now it has become a new office thing. The whole office has gotten into it and the office has gone from a boring somber place to a place that is full of laughter and great energy. These same people who had been spending hours at a time stuck behind their desks are now becoming active during their work day. They are finding the body aches, headaches, back aches, neck aches are going away, the energy in the office has totally changed and people are friendlier. 

Another office story is that they have gotten a group of people together that use to go out for a smoke break and spend 15 minutes stood there sucking on a cigarette. They have all been talking about quitting smoking for quite a while and this week they have done it, the group has started climbing the stairs in their office building for that 15 minutes. And on their lunch hour they are walking through the nearby park, that many of them didn’t even know was there until this week. It’s amazing what you can discover in your own neighborhood when you get out and walk around. 

Being active can also be fun and adventurous. The desire to smoke has gone and they are losing weight, feeling more energized, feeling less stressed out and when they get home at the end of the night they have extra energy to do things they never felt like doing… A few of them are even now getting their families out for after dinner walks, which is giving them time to talk and reconnect. This is often time lost while plopped in front of the TV feeling drained. 

I have also received a letter from a 93 year old member who has not been out walking for over 11 years, her family though she was going crazy but now every morning and every evening after dinner they walk to the end of her block and back. It is a short little stroll and she is loving it! Already she has said some of the pain in her feet, legs and lower back is much less then what it has been for years. Fantastic! The goal for next week is to go to the end of the next block. I am so proud of you!! 

So Fantastic, already in just one week, things are changing, people are changing, attitudes are changing and people are starting to feel great!

Ok, so keep it up, and along with being as active as you can all day long every day and walking your 45 minutes first thing in the morning, add this one thing into your morning walk;

Every 5 minutes, get down into a sit down position with your legs crossed as much as you can and hold that for 5 breaths, then stand back up and keep walking. Do that every 5 minutes.