Week 3- Team Extreme

Hey Guys,

Great feedback on your week. People are loving the jumping push ups and Yoga combination and are already reporting back great results, more flexibility, more power, less body ache, more energy and actually having fun doing it. 

Who would have known? 😉

So this week, keep doing the Yoga every day, twice a day & jumping push-ups to 4 times per week but now we are upping it to do 200 a day. You have 24 hours to complete them every day. No excuses, stop thinking about it, just do it.

Plus, I want you to add one more thing into your daily routine;


Every morning, 7 days this week, get up 45 minutes earlier than normal and go for a power walk. Don’t run, walk, as fast as you can. Full range of motion, heel – toe. If your landing on the bottom of your foot you are not taking big enough steps. Get up, get out and walk. I don’t care if you are a runner or jogger, this week, at this time you are going to walk and you’re going to walk fast. At the end of the week I want your videos and emails to tell me about your experience and how you have felt. 

OK, go!