Week 4 – Team Natural

Hello and thanks for joining me here for week 4, already!

Wow, time is just flying by and the reports coming back in are fantastic!

I am really proud of you!! 

Please keep sending me your pictures, videos and emails. I want you to feel free to contact me with your worries, concerns, doubts and your successes. 

Ok, so it has been a great week, keep it up, and along with being as active as you can all day long every day and walking your 45 minutes first thing in the morning and in the evenings and getting down to hold the push up position for 5 slow deep breaths, and getting to know your exercise cord, or bungee cord as some people call them. We are going to add a couple of exercises routines into your day.

On the web site I have added 3 videos that will step you through a nice, light exercise routine just to clear up a few muscle issues you have been telling me about. 

Stay positive, stay active and keep smiling… I will see you in the next video.